Does it look like a pumpkin though? And what shall I do with it now??

#makemehappy week 4: Halloween Crafts


Thought we'd test out some easy Halloween toddler crafts for this week's make to get into the spooky mood!

Pumpkin paper plates and pipecleaner spiders...
Super easy and you can just use odds and ends of crafty bits you've got and can give the spider finger holes so its quite fun to play with and use as a prop for incy wincy spider.

Aubrey did need his @stitchmehappy apron on as orange paint and black glitter was quite messy!

You need: paper plates, card, glue, paint, goggly eyes, pipecleaners, scissors, and an imaginative little person (glitter optional!)

Overall: 5/10 (pumpkin pretty pointless unless you're making loads as decorations for a Halloween party)

I’ve finished crafting now mummy...can I have a snack?
— Aubrey's thoughts after 25 minutes
does it look like a pumpkin though? what am i supposed to do with this when it dries? how long until I can put it in the bin?...
— my thoughts 10 minutes into the make
Emma Cruickshank