Got an old eggbox lying around?

#makemehappy week2: Eggbox Caterpillars

Not much hassle and can be played with for quite a while until they inevitably 'make a chrysalis to turn into a butterfly' (more commonly known as: the eyes fell off and they had been trodden on to the point where they didn't look anything close to a caterpillar anymore so may have crawled into the bin...)


Time: 30 mins plus

Cost: nothing (if you already have paints and anything that can pass as antennae and eyes!)

Overall: 8/10

How to make:

Take any size egg box (will just mean you have a small/medium or large sized caterpillar)
Cut box into strips
Paint them (throw one some glitter for fancy caterpillars!)
Poke holes for antennae and push pipecleaner through then twist them together
Stick on googly eyes

If the caterpillars are a hit (or it’s a really rainy week!) you can continue the theme and make paper food for them based on The Hungry Caterpillar then use all the props when reading the story - we did this and it was a lovely way to link crafting and storytelling :)
Emma Cruickshank