1 piece of paper + ipad = happy toddler

#Makemehappy week 3: Maddie's paper aeroplanes 

Aubrey requested to make paper aeroplanes this week so to combine his obsession with vehicles with his other big love I found a YouTube film of @maddiemoate from 'Do you know' CBeebies telling us how to make them 👍 so quick and easy and no mess! Plus they actually worked! It made his day 😁 good if you just want a very quick activity with no prep needed.


Time: 5 mins to make but we spent quite a while decorating them, making a few and racing them so it was  pretty successful make!

Cost: nothing (if you already have some paper/card)

Overall: 6/10

next week we’ll be making Halloween crafts eeeeek!
Emma Cruickshank