Maybe don't make decisions at 2am...

Am I actually starting a business? But then did I actually create 2 lives? Not sure which is the hardest to get my head around?!

So I think I decided at 2:00am a couple of weeks ago that now would be the perfect time to launch my website and online shop...I was up most of the night with my 7 month old/3 year old and in my sleep deprived brain it seemed like a fantastic idea!

Two weeks later and here I am, launching my site and accepting the fact that it isn't perfect; it will grow and develop over time, I will inevitably go back on decisions I've made and I will probably have sleepness nights worrying if I'm doing the right thing, but fingers crossed there will be a moment not too far off when I will feel proud of myself for having done not too different from being a parent then!

If you've got a few minutes to spare, read my 'about' tab for a bit more background on how I got to this point :)

I hope you enjoy looking at my site, do keep checking in as I will be adding more products soon (there are numerous things in the lightbulb moment/development/testing/making stage but for some reason I can't ever seem to find enough hours in the day...I wonder why that might be!?) so it's worth signing up to my newsletter so you know when there is something new to look at.

Time to put another load of washing on (trying very hard to embrace the 7 month old eating habits of my youngest, but let's face it - it's pretty gross) so over and out for now,

Em x

Emma Cruickshank