"what is God mummy...and why is there blood on your teeth?"

I may have lost my wisdom (teeth) but I'm still trying to answer my 3 year olds questions and run my business...in a haphazard sort of way with an increasingly bewildered look on my face

No of teeth I have consciously uncoupled with: 2

No of bowls of soup I have consumed: hundreds if not thousands

Lightbulb moment of the week: Oh right; now I'm self employed and have 2 small children at home every day I can't actually have a day off ill and definitely don't get sick pay...not a problem, I'll just schedule some time to relax in 15-20 years time...

Aubrey (my 3 year old) question of the week: "what is God mummy?"                                                                When will I learn to stop listening to Jeremy Vine at lunch time with the boys??? - not only does Aubrey sporadically ask about 'Brexit' and 'Trump' at inopportune moments; this week he caught onto the word 'God' and to say I was unprepared is an understatement...I just about croaked out "well it's a very complex concept to explain..." (I bent down at this point to retrieve a breadstick off the floor that Leo had rigorously thrown at me, just to buy me a few seconds) I'm breaking out in a bit of a hot sweat about having to launch into a conversation about religion in my pain addled state when a FLAT BED TRUCK (!!) came past our window and Aubrey was very happily distracted, so for now at least I've avoided finishing that chat. 


#makemehappy Week 7: Washi Tape Letters

So I didn't have much creative flair pumping through me this week, more just paracetamol and ibuprofen (did I mention I had two wisdom teeth wrenched out of my mouth this week and that I now look like a sick hamster?)

I saw some Instagram posts using Washi Tape so we had a go with that, which Aubrey quite enjoyed and sat doing very quietly (hurrah!) for about 30 minutes. We made an A and an L (for his baby brother Leo) so I think I'll make some frames for them at some point and hang them up in their bedrooms as they surpisingly look not too bad :)

What you need:

  • paper or card
  • selection of Washi Tapes
  • pens
  • scissors

Overall score:


Next week:

As I have already tuned into the Christmas Radio station twice this week (in my defence I just needed something to perk me up and East 17 was on so I lucked out there!) I think it's time to start some festive crafts next week :)


The beach is the best pain relief

So after nearly a week in sick bay, I decided to brave the elements and we all headed down to the beach (only a slither of my sinister looking, puffy, yellow tinged cheek could be seen beneath my hat, scarf and earmuffs).  And I am happy to report that as always, the beach managed to make me feel...well maybe not cool, calm and collected (I'm not sure that's a realistic state of mind to aim for at this point in my life), but certainly the most sane and uplifted I have felt all week - so if there is anybody else out there who needs a boost, I reccommend a trip to the beach (and if all else fails, a large glass of wine and an even bigger slice of chocolate cake). 

Emma Cruickshank