“I don’t want to play with Leo. He can play outside on his own…with the leaves”

As we work our way through the family A-Z guide of minor health ailments (colds for all of us this week - must I wade through the boys’ runny nose scum for the rest of my days??) and try to stop Leo drinking from the cat bowl/eating coal from the fireplace, I have (hoorah!!) found some time to think about new products...they are currently in the development stage; I love this part as it makes me feel like I'm back at school messing around on a GCSE textiles project (but with less of a social life and more concern for the political unrest in the world (who am I kidding - I still don’t understand politics)) 

Aubrey's comment of the week: “I don’t want to play with Leo. He can play outside on his own…with the leaves” The trials and tribulations of the sibling bond between Leo and Aubrey is at an all time high this week and whilst Aubrey’s blunt problem solving statements are fairly humorous (“mummy just put him back in his cot, I don’t want to play with him right now”) I am trying to bridge the gap and find some common ground for them…right now the best thing I’ve come up with is Mega Blocks.

No of times I've found Leo with his hand in the cat bowl: 12

No of times I guesstimate Leo has actually had his hand in cat bowl: upwards of 45

Light bulb moment of the week: Oh My God. How are we going to get Aubrey to bed on Christmas Eve this year??????????!!!!!!!!! Last year when he was two it was fine but the way he's been banging on about Christmas this year since November 1st I think we may have a situation on our hands come December 24th...HELP!!!

The Scene No Parent Wants To Walk Into

It's been a DIFFICULT dinner time with the boys, both are crying as I head up for an early bath time and hallelujah as soon as I get them in the bath there was a moment of calm. Just when I felt my shoulders dare to relax a fraction I hear the words no parent wants to hear “what’s that brown thing in the bath?” So Leo is still happy (and feeling pretty liberated - there were now 2 ‘new brown bath toys’) Aubrey starts to get very panicky and upset “don’t let the poo go on my toys mummy! Make Leo stop pooing mummy! I DON’T want to be in the BATH anymore mummy!”

I lift them both out and Leo crawls off indifferently as I try to calm Aubrey down and at least make an attempt to sort out the foreign bodies in the bath. Just as silence reigns again and I think the worst is over I turn to check on Leo. You know what I’m going to tell you - let’s just say it didn’t take me long to find him by following his trail.

Just at that moment we hear the front door close and Aubrey yells out “Daddy Leo has pood in the bath and done 2 poos and a wee on the landing”. Not exactly the welcoming family scene you want to walk into, but hey - silver lining is that his sickness bug from last week has gone, it could have been much worse...  


This week’s Makes

We did a few makes this week as there were a couple of very rainy days (you know the type when you think its lunch time but when you check the clock it’s about 10am). We made a new batch of playdoh, a car transporter out of recycling (well Leo mostly ate cardboard and then launched himself out of the recycling box by accident) and I managed to do a bit of grown up crafting this evening and made a Christmas wreath. I didn’t quite feel like Kirstie Allsopp (Leo was pulling the weighing scales and napkins down from the bottom shelves in the kitchen, Arthur Christmas was on in the background) but I enjoyed it while it lasted!

I’ve been reflecting on the last 11 weeks where I have been making a point of trying a different ‘make’ a week with the boys and am thinking of picking some of the best things we’ve made and putting together a new page for my website that will have really simple, low cost, fun creative makes and activities for families…I’m hoping this would be something that you would find useful as I know that I prefer to try things that have been tested out as things that look easy and low maintenance online can turn out to be not so great in reality! Anyway watch this space and contact me if you have any thoughts on the sort of thing you would like me to include/test out as I would love any feedback.


Festive Spirit

We had a really lovely day out today in Norwich and it was a good reminder that we do actually have fun, free stuff to do in Norfolk; you just have to look for it and get tip offs from local parents (one of the things I love about instagram). We spent nearly 4 hours in The Forum; they have an amazing Lego Sculpture exhibition on and there were different choirs during the day singing Christmas carols (actually made me feel a bit like I was in Home Alone where the choir is singing in the church scene!) and the Children’s area of the library is so brilliant and open on a Sunday.

I was really impressed with Pizza Express too- great colouring bits and fantastic value for money on the kids menu plus the food comes really quickly (pretty much the main thing I now look for in a restaurant when I am with the boys!) So if you haven’t tried it, I would definitely recommend it. And if you still haven't got into the festive spirit (figuratively or literally); firstly crack open the Baileys... and secondly go and listen to a children's choir singing Christmas carols; it's the adult equivalent to hearing the bell ring in the Polar Express- if you don't get a tingly feeling in your tummy when a mini person sings 'Walking in a Winter Wonderland' then you are officially Bah Humbug!

Emma Cruickshank