"Wow mummy these don't taste awful!!"

If I’m not losing teeth or deciding in the dead of night to launch a business, then at least two of us has some strain of germ infestation, causing undesirable substances to be dispelled from our bodies…I’m not asking for the moon on a stick; I'm happy with the occasional glimmer of a rainbow.

Time spent talking about poo: approx 3 hours

Time spent talking about sick: upwards of 4 hours

Time spent cleaning up both of the above: anywhere between 5 hours and 1 full day

Aubrey’s comment of the week: “Wow mummy!! These don’t taste awful!!” said through a mouthful of (very bodged homemade) mince pie crumbs. When I asked him why he was so surprised he answered matter of factly “well you put some wrong ingredients in so I didn’t think they’d be very nice” (needless to say he had kept this thought to himself whilst we were baking so at least he’s learning to humor me).

Light bulb moment of the week: Oh…so all of that really thoughtful stuff I did for Aubrey’s first Christmas a few years back; I now need to do for Leo…(or do I? Do I need to?? Probably, if not my paranoid parent brain would imagine a therapy session in 20 years time where Leo is saying “my brother had a lovingly handmade present sack and mine was from the pound shop…”)


#makemehappy Week 10: (accidentally) Dairy Free Mince Pies

So I had planned to make mince pies this week but only remembered to buy the filling; not the pastry…but I had Leo asleep and Aubrey was climbing the walls so I went with his suggestion of making my own pastry. A good idea in theory until I realise I don’t have butter or caster sugar. It was too late to turn back though (his apron was on, he was already drooling at the mouth at the thought of eating something doughy and sugary) so I used what I had, and even though the raw pastry looked like a cross between chewing gum and wall filler, the end result was pretty immense!

Here is the recipe I used and I just swapped caster sugar for light muscavado sugar and butter for dairy free spread - so the ones we made were actually dairy free. Really super easy pastry (plus actually fun and doable for kids to help with it) and outcome was really good so do give it a go. 

The Dreaded Germs

So I won’t go into too much detail here as let’s be honest we all know what it’s like to have a sickess bug, but I thought I would jut share a few of the laugh or cry moments from last week with you; in the hope that if you have been through a similar trial recently, you know I share your pain!

Incident 1: When you’re just trying to be sick in the next room without causing a fuss and your 3 year old comes and says “mummy why are you putting your head in the toilet???? When Leo wants to be sick he’s just been doing it on the floor” you ask them to just PLEASE GIVE ME 1 MINUTE and they say “but mummy I want to know is it white sick like Leo’s after milk or is it food sick?”

Incident 2: When the nappys are (control your gag reflex here) runny and it gets on your hand and you think you’ve dealt with the situation then the next day you see what is clearly a poo fingerprint next to the light switch in the nappy change room and you throw up in your mouth a little bit.

With all the fun and games of the germ incidents, I missed the craft fayre I was due to have a stall at, which was a real shame, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the one I’m doing on Thursday is a success and that I can get to the end of one week without either a) one of us being ill, and b) spend some time in my sanctuary (sewing room) before I spontaneously combust.


A technicolor moment

We had a rare Winter play in the garden last week, which was surprisingly enjoyable and bright considering the wet grass was practically overgrown enough to whip me in the face and the soggy toys looked about as appealing as an under-cooked sausage at a stranger’s BBQ.

After an hour it suddenly started raining despite the clear blue sky and as we barged through the patio doors; wellies, hats and mittens flying around (me watching in mouth open horror and acceptance as mud covered pretty much every surface of the living room) Aubrey and I looked back at the garden just as I was closing the door and we both saw at the exact same moment that a rainbow was appearing.

It was a poignant moment and I knew instinctively that if I lurched to reach my phone and capture it, it would be gone. So instead I clung onto Leo and held Aubrey’s hand, gazing at the awesome sight as he said “we’ve never seen a rainbow come out before have we - we’re so lucky”. And just like that I was holding back parent-tears, reminded of how lucky we are and how fortunate I am that I get to have these magic moments with my boys - even if I have to clear up 100 poos and deal with 50 meltdowns for every technicolor moment I get; it couldn't be more worth it.  

Emma Cruickshank