Not an explosion, but a cheap enjoyable sparkler

#makemehappy week 5: Fireworks painting

So we decided to move straight on from Halloween to fireworks for our quick crafty make this week and did some fun and easy firework painting using tubes and straws as stamps, then glitter thrown on for good measure (trying to think whether I've done a make yet without glitter??)


What you need: paper, paints, toilet roll/kitchen roll tube, straws, scissors, glitter and a little crafter who likes making a mess 😄

Just cut the end of the tubes and straws and fold back and get stamping then while paint is wet add as much glitter as you can cope with (im still finding it in my hair!)

Overall: 7/10 super easy, no cost and kept my 3 year old engrossed for half an hour!

Emma Cruickshank