I’d rather be a Scummy Mummy than a Yummy Mummy any day 

You cannot plant an acorn in the morning and expect that afternoon to sit in the shade of an oak* - Antoine de Saint Exupery

*but with practice we can get pretty good at creating our own shade

So January has just come to an end. Are you fed up with the cold weather/depressing darkness/lack of giant tubs of chocolate around the house/feeling that you should have re-birthed from your New Year mince pie and mulled wine cocoon into a better/fitter/healthier/happier version on you??

January is synonymous with feeling SAD and ironically at the same time we are pressured to be feeling BRIGHT EYED and BUSHY TAILED like an eager fluffy squirrel, smugly remembering where we hid our hundreds of acorns back in the Autumn. Well I am not bright eyed (unless that includes the reddish tint around the edges and the glassy effect I get if I sit still for more than 5 seconds) and bushy tailed (my hair is certainly dishevelled right now…anyone else forgotten when they last had a trim?? Anyone??) as my 10 month old is having a right old time of it waking up at 5am most days and my 3 year old is so exhausting at the moment it feels like he’s been up since 5am by the time he’s slurped down his porridge. But I did manage to hide ONE acorn. And it was a good one. That acorn was a ticket to see the hilarious comediennes The Scummy Mummies last night, hosted by the amazing new local events company We Got This (Sometimes). My God am I happy that I hid that acorn.

I’m 3 months into setting up my business now and I will freely admit to you (as with the less sleep I have, the less of a filter I have on what I say) that I have had minutes, hours, days and weeks where I have really struggled to be a mum, a wife, a friend, a newly self employed person trying to carve out a career for myself, and the hundreds of other things we’re all asking ourselves to be every day of our adult lives. I find it fascinating that we set such huge expectations for ourselves and then rarely find the time to check in with our mental wellbeing and make some time to ESCAPE our day to day, all encompassing, all absorbing lives. Sometimes you need to just take a tiny little step back and do something that lifts the smoke screen of to do lists and allows you to live in the moment and RELAX. It might be to laugh, it might be to be amongst others who are like minded, it might be to spend time with a friend and NOT be interrupted by a child every 5 seconds, it might be to have a glass of wine or to spend more than 30 seconds ‘getting ready’ for a change. I am very happy to report that my night out watching the Scummy Mummies last night allowed me do ALL OF THESE THINGS!

The Scummy Mummies aka Helen Thorn and Ellie Gibson 

The Scummy Mummies aka Helen Thorn and Ellie Gibson 

From the moment they shimmered onto the stage in their skin tight gold space suits to their inspired song warning us of the perils of joining up the the School PTA (to be avoided at all costs), and convincing all of us to reveal and share our Scummy Mummy Confessions, it was a brilliant, non stop laughter train that I was so glad I had a seat on. The highlights for me (and the 2 men in the audience) was the pelvic floor exercise demonstration which I think did indeed have some of the mums in the audience having to (as the introduction had aptly warned us) ‘flex our pelvic floor muscles’ in preparation for the amount of giggling and sniggering we were set to experience.

It was a timely and refreshing reminder that being a ‘Scummy Mummy’ (giving your child fish fingers for dinner) rather than a ‘Yummy Mummy’ (giving your child organic quinoa for dinner) was OK (and actually the reality for most parents). The jokes about judging other parents were met with raucous laughter; a sign I think that we all need a reminder (sometimes from 2 fellow mums, standing on a stage wearing sparkly star spangled jumpsuits and a fruit bowl on their head) that we can only be expected to do our best and we should think before we make judgements about the parent in the queue in from of us at the supermarket.     

So whether you’re working at home as a full time parent, bringing your home life to the office, multi-tasking till dusk to balance your babies and your books or up with the lark to bring home the bacon; take a moment to ask yourself how you’re really feeling (and know that if the answer is actually ‘SH*T’ or even ‘truly and utterly SH*T ; SH*TTY SH*T SH*T’ in fact - then that is absolutely FINE) and take inspiration from the Scummy Mummies; who, in life’s laugh or cry moments, open their arms as wide as possible to hilarity until tears of laughter are mixing with the dribble you’ve inadvertently allowed to escape. Find somewhere to hide a few acorns for the next time you need an escape. We can learn something from those feisty critters . And those squirrels seem to have it pretty well made too.

If you're a parent looking for an event near you, check out www.wegotthisco.com  

If you need a few laughs on demand, check out the Scummy Mummies podcasts

Emma Cruickshank