At this point my clothes basically act as glorified giant wet wipes

I’m taking a break from my #conversationswithcreativemums blog posts this week as I have been altering a lot of my own clothes the last few weeks and when I mentioned this to a few friends they were quite intrigued so I thought I’d write a blog post about that instead!

I was looking for my sun hat a few weeks ago and in my searching I found a holdall full of my old maternity clothes. I think because of this and the fact that I’ve been doing quite a few alteration jobs for customers recently, I had a light bulb moment and thought - hang on a minute I should see if I could alter any of my maternity clothes so I can wear them again. I liked the idea especially as I’m trying my best to embrace the Reuse Re-purpose Recycle mantra that has become such a prominent lifestyle choice recently.

I was actually really pleasantly surprised with what I’d packed away (and completely forgotten about!); some of the dresses I’d probably only worn a couple of times as I’d bought them towards the end of my pregnancy with my youngest (Leo, now 1yr 4 months). On closer inspection, with most of them there was not much that needed changing to remove the ‘bump’ allowance… I also came across clothes that were not proper maternity wear; just a couple of sizes bigger than I’d normally wear.

So I set about unpicking and taking up hems, adding darts, taking in seams, evening out hemlines, shortening straps and sleeves and voila! I have basically made a new summer wardrobe from clothes that were in really good condition and in fabrics and styles that I still really like, post baby bumps! And the best part is that it cost me nothing, which is great as I’m still currently in the phase of life where my small humans (aged 3 and 1) wipe/spill/throw/rub/sprinkle various things over me throughout the course of the day, so I can’t really see the point in spending a fortune on my clothes which, lets be honest, at this point basically act as glorified giant wet wipes.  

It made me think that loads of other women must have similar bags of clothes lying around forgotten about that just need a few nips and tucks to be wearable again and avoid so much wastage of buying new clothes. If you have your own sewing machine, are nifty with a needle and thread, or maybe have a helpful friend or family member who has a machine and could help you out, why not dig your old clothes out and give it a go?! Or support a local business (like mine if you live locally to me in Gorleston, Norfolk!! Sorry shameless plug!) and pay for the alterations - it will cost you a hell of a lot less that buying a whole new set of clothes and you’ll be able to give yourself a gold star for re-using whilst your at it!

If you’re new to sewing or feeling a bit rusty, this is the perfect project to get back into your sewing stride as there’s really nothing to lose; if you mess up a hem to the point of no return or get a bit scissor happy and find you’re left with a mini skirt not a midi skirt, just think about it as a lesson learnt and use the material to practice on or pop it in your local fabric/clothes recycle bin.

I hope this inspires someone to raid their attic, cupboards and wardrobes…I’d love to hear from you if you do! And if you’d like to see some blog posts about simple alterations, pop me a message or leave a comment here or on my Insta/FB page and I’ll see what I can put together!

Em xx

Stitch Me Happy

P.S. If you would like to feature in my next #conversationswithcreativemums blog post get in touch!