Behind every small business there are LOTS of lists

I chat to my sister for my first 'Conversations with Creative Mums' blog post...

I find it hard to find the time to do lots of things I want to do (sleeping, eating my food at a normal speed rather than constantly on fast forward so I can clear up before my 1 yr old gets bored and starts throwing food at the walls, having a wee by myself without my 3 yr old asking why I don't have a willy...) and one of those things is looking at other creative mums; finding out about their stories, their advice, their problems and their passions. Because as amazing as it is to be my own boss, it can be pretty lonely and scary too.

So I thought I would start a quick fire interview series (because lets face it we don't have time to read a 5 pager about why someone picked their path - as much as we would love to). In addition to the questions I am also going to throw in a discussion topic every blog post for general discussion as I'd love fellow creative mums to add in their two pennies worth whenever they feel the urge to or have the time to donate a little gem of wisdom or equally pose a question or quandary of their own. The aim is to create a friendly space where we can glimpse into each others businesses and support each other without having to commit more time than we have to spare.

Without further ado...drum roll please, as the first ever Stitch Me Happy #conversationswithcreativemums is with my awesome big sis Lucy - the mum behind Thread Friends! 

My conversation with Lucy - Thread Friends

1. What do you create? Fun embroidery and textile art

2. Why do you do what you do? Because I love it , and going back to work after having kids didn’t work out for me

3. If we asked your children what you do what would they say? Umm make stuff.. do the washing...

4. Would you be doing what you’re doing if you hadn’t become a mother? Honestly I don’t know! I’d definitely be sewing In some form, but who knows...

5. How do you stay motivated after a bad day (or week…or month!)? I remember how far my tiny business has come and that I’m extremely thankful for the fact that I’ve been able to spend the last 7 years (!) at home with the girls, and do something I love at the same time... saying that, it’s probably the toughest most exhausting 7 years of my life!!

6. One piece of advice you’d give to a mum thinking of starting a creative business? Go for it! That’s not really advice is it!?

7. Best life-hack you’ve picked up? Choose your battles, chocolate wins wars and gin really does make everything OK.

8. Best activity you have for encouraging your children to be creative? I’ve got 2 girls; Florence age almost 7 and Meg almost 4 and I’d have to pick just good old pen and paper, they’ve always loved to draw.

Wild card question: What was the last thing you ate? A meat fatty! It’s sausage meat wrapped in bacon with mozzarella and sundried tomatoes inside!!

Book, blog or podcast recommendations: Ooooo so many, but these I’m listening to now:

  • Love ‘Etsy Success’ for ace tips and inspiration from small businesses
  • Fearne cotton ‘Happy Place’ for fab guests and interesting conversation
  • Jessie Ware ‘Table Manners’ for funny relaxed chat, food and Jessie’s Mum Lennie
  • 'The Small and Mighty Podcast’ for uplifting inspiring chats with small business owners and useful tips and information on running a small business

Inspired by re-reading the intro I wrote to this blog post, I have picked TIME MANAGEMENT (I am trying not to laugh whilst typing this) for an open discussion topic. Do you have any thoughts you'd like to share about time?! How to make more of it, how to use it wisely, how to be creative on a time limit, your biggest issue with time management...? I have no pearls of wisdom!! My time management is appalling...but I write lists, lots of lists

Join the Conversation

If you'd like to add your thoughts on our Time Management topic (pretty pretty please with a gin soaked cherry on top!!) please leave a comment at the bottom of this page and I might include some in the next blog post. If you'd like to feature your business in this blog series do get in touch me with 

A huge thank you to Lucy for being the first in the Conversations with Creative Mums hot seat! Thank you for being so honest and lovely Lucy (she was VERY patient with me adding last minute questions on up until this morning...) Obviously I might be a teeny bit biased as she's my sis but check out her stuff - it is beautiful and she is super talented and I personally find her work always makes me smile. 

I hope you all have a fab weekend and if like me you'll be trying to fit in family time alongside making orders, cleaning the house, trying to stay in bed past 5:30am......good luck! 

Emma x