If it looks like playdoh it probably tastes like it too

So it's been a busy week...

  • Websites launched: 1
  • Businesses officially started: 1
  • Times woken in the night by small people: lost count
  • Amount of time spent preparing for craft fayre in two days time: less than 1 hour 
  • Amount of time spent worrying about the above: approx 20 hours
  • Best comment from Aubrey: "Mummy I'm going to be really well behaved another day" Me "Can you be well behaved today?" Aubrey "no"

#makemehappy week 6: Vehicle trails

We didn't get around to our #makemehappy activitity until yesterday and it was an absolute disaster! 'No cook chocolate and peanut butter cookies'...yes in hindsight the clue was in the name - I thought 'that't too good to be true'...and it was! Basically felt, looked and tasted of playdoh...(it goes without saying that Aubrey still ate them - is it bad that I let him have two??) Anyway long story short; if it looks, feels and smells like playdoh (and not just any playdoh but BROWN playdoh), it probably tastes like it too.

Instead we did some drawing with toy vehicles this afternoon which I am happy to report was a big success - I'd definitely reccommend it :) 

What you need:

  1. large sheet of paper or lots of bits stuck together (the bigger the better)
  2. pens that haven't had the life drained out of them by your toddler who always presses them so hard they last about a week
  3. sellotape
  4. chunky toy vehicles with a flat area you can tape the pens to
  5. a willing small person who won't completely ignore your instruction to "not draw on the actual floor!"

Aubrey's comment after 25 minutes:

"Wow that was so cool! Can I watch Paw Patrol now?"

Overall 5/10


Emma Cruickshank