“Mummy… Mackerel* can look after Leo and just me and you can go play upstairs” *Mackerel is our cat

Aubrey's comment of the week: 

“Mummy… Mackerel* can look after Leo and just me and you can go and play upstairs” *Mackerel is our cat. Whilst she is very affectionate and puts up with A LOT from Aubrey and Leo, I can assure you she is NOT in any way up to the task of ‘looking after’ Leo (unless that means letting him eat her food and drink her water whilst patting his head tentatively as if hes some sort of lesser spotted, hairless wild cat who has somehow got hold of some clothes).

As you might have guessed we are still navigating the choppy waters of sibling rivalry; but I am trying to laugh instead of weep with exhaustion every time Aubrey pretends to be a baby and insists he now needs help with EVERYTHING, and I am trying to NOT laugh when Aubrey comes out with clangers such as the above (also including but not limited to “Leo will be fine here on his own if me and you go for a bike ride - really mummy, he will”, “Mummy it’s not an option for Leo to share my toys” and “Leo said I can have his new toys - he can talk now, and he said that to me”).

It’s such a fine balance; cuddling each other one minute (cuddling is a bit generous on Leo’s part - more like gleefully clutching at handfuls of Aubrey’s hair whilst biting his cheek) and before you know it the cuddle turns into a squeeze, then a wrestling move, then I’m saying for the 100th time that day “be CAREFUL!!!”". But when Aubrey thinks no-one is watching he gives his favourite cars to Leo to play with and gently pulls him back when he’s about to eat the cat food (again) or pull the television over, so he is definitely learning to be a pretty good big brother.

Aubrey's current favourite book

Aubrey's current favourite book

Light bulb moment of the week:

After deciding I’d had enough of Aubrey’s lack luster reaction to the dinners I had painstakingly made him and lovingly served him up (“uuum I’m not hungry anymore Mummy” on a good day and “this looks disgusting” said in a strange cockney/comedy voice he uses when he knows he’s being rude, on a bad day) I sat down with him and the new Jamie Oliver book (5 ingredients) and he used sticky notes to pick all of the things he would like to eat…I tried not to point out to him that a lot of the things he was picking were VERY similar to things I make all the time, and instead just went with it. And eureka! We had the first one today and there wasn’t a scrap left on his place; and he didn’t even complain that the ingredients were ‘all mixed together’ and demand I separate them out. I’m sure the novelty will wear off at some point, but for now, I’m enjoying my small moment of victory.


Parental Behaviors

Parenting definitely teaches (forces) you to manage many, many things at once; whether that’s physically, emotionally, psychologically, or subconsciously. It washes away all of the unnecessary things and (strangely; as you often haven’t had that much sleep) gives you a mystical power for cutting through the crap and getting the job done. It seems to be some sort of phenomena that everybody knows about, but it doesn’t get acknowledged that much. Parenting also reduces the shock reaction; it takes a lot to surprise someone who has seen black (and yellow and green and everything in between) poo and seen projectile vomit at close range.

I could never find the time or the energy to properly start my own business until I had my 2 boys, and I am now quite surprised at how much I can achieve once I am in multitask mode. A couple of months in from launching Stitch Me Happy and I am loving every second of it; having to make decisions in the midst of nappy changes (many of which are leaky at the moment - sorry too much info), meltdowns, singing at the top of our voices to ‘the wheels on the bus’, rolling around on the floor pretending to be cats, and watching Aubrey riding his first proper bike, helpfully puts things in my business brain into perspective and reminds me that I am building something around my family and with my family; it isn’t ever going to be separate from them, and that’s why I love it. I love it that Aubrey asks me every day what I have been sewing while he was in bed and what work I’m doing on the laptop (“is that your website mummy?”) It isn’t going to be quick or easy but it is going to be one hell of an experience with many more leaky nappies along the way and I'm glad (and very lucky) I've got front row tickets for the whole performance.

Emma Cruickshank