No Silent Night in sight this Christmas (when your 1 year old just learned to climb out of their cot)

Mummy my little baby brother has just appeared!

There’s been a lot of firsts recently with my 4 year old; he used to be scared of various things (fireworks, balloons, Pantomime…) and now he’s embracing all of them and having an absolute ball! This is a huge relief, especially since he’ll be starting school next September (bare with me whilst I sob quietly over my laptop). Then there’s my 1 year old….he’s another creature entirely (and has not been scared of anything since birth) but has also been learning new things. I’m his biggest fan for most of these newly acquired skills but there is one thing he mastered this week which I am NOT loving…and that is his feat of getting out of his cot. A cot that his 4 year old brother can’t get out of without causing himself an injury. No one has seen this trick actually happen; we are simply greeted by a sly looking toddler peeping around a doorway and sauntering into the room, as nonchalant as you like. Suffice to say, cot side removed to avoid an unscheduled A and E visit due to cot escape on Christmas morning (that is just the sort of thing that would happen to us!) we are currently in the really fun phase of training a very opinionated and boisterous 1 year old to STAY IN HIS BED!!!!! all night. Or as I call it , the game of ‘let’s see how little sleep mummy and daddy can continue to function on’. Wish us luck, and to any of you having a lie in over Christmas holidays (by that I mean you are still in bed at 6:00 am…) spare a thought for us!

Hit the reset button now - enjoy Christmas without niggling thoughts

It’s that time of year again when we tend to spend a bit more time reflecting, and I’ve been thinking back over my blog posts this year and what I learnt from the inspiring women I interviewed for my ‘Conversations with Creative Mums’ series of posts. I’ve also been looking back on the first full year of being my own boss and earning a living from my love of sewing. There have been some pretty hard lessons, some huge achievements and more than a couple laugh or cry moments. Lastly I’ve been contemplating the trials and tribulations of mumhood I’ve had the pleasure and good fortune to enjoy (or sometime endure!).

My aim is to dust away these busy thoughts from my buzzing brain and refresh myself in preparation for the week of Christmas; rather than waiting until the New Year to have the slightly panic-y moment I usually have (what should I do differently this year?! Have a learnt ANYTHING the last 12 months?! How can I become THAT mum who has everything sorted this year??).

Here is what I’ve learnt, in a nutshell:

  1. EVERYONE can be INSPIRATIONAL; take a moment to hear their story; what they’ve overcome, what they’ve learned and what they’ve achieved

  2. DON’T be scared of asking others for help, ADVICE and SUPPORT (or just a chat and a moan!)

  3. Be GENEROUS with your POSITIVITY and KINDNESS (it doesn’t cost anything and can make somebodies day)

  4. If you want to feel less disappointed when every day isn’t ‘perfect’, lower your EXPECTATIONS!!

  5. Most things that seem devastating at the time, can be rationalised when you take a step back and put it into PERSPECTIVE.

Small Business Love

An enormous thank you to all of the Creative Mums who featured in my blog posts this year; it was an absolute pleasure to find out more about you and how you make your creative business work.

An almighty thank you to every customer who has helped my new business to take shape and become a reality; whether you’ve ordered a product or bespoke item from me, attended my sewing classes, used my alteration service or joined in at one my family craft events.

New Beginnings

I've got some exciting new projects I’ll be working on for 2019, the first one is a Sewing Club, which you’ll have heard about if you’re signed up to receive my e-letter. My aim is to set up a sewing club where up to 5 people will come to sessions at my sewing studio in Gorleston, with approx 2 classes a month (lasting around 2 hrs each) to take place either at weekends or during weekday evenings). We will tackle a range of projects, which will be either completed in 1 session or ongoing over several classes. I will be charging around £15 per person per session, but will also be offering a discount for advance bookings. If you haven’t heard about it and would like to know more, pop me an email, I’d love to hear from you!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I hope you have some magical festive fun (and relaxation if you get a chance!), thanks for reading my blog…it will be taking quite a different format in 2019 so watch this space!

Emma xx

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