Let dust gather in your house; not on your creativity

I chat to the mum behind Rhubarb Hill Crafts about how housework can wait when you're running a creative business...

This week I was really excited to get the opportunity to have my second #conversationswithcreativemums interview with Jenny Welham, creator and super mum behind the amazing Rhubarb Hill Crafts. I was even more pleased when she told me her views on housework which I have to wholeheartedly agree with (as much as there is a teeny weeny part of me still grasping onto the unrealistic hope that at some point I will find the time to keep my house immaculate whilst simultaneously entertaining my mess loving boys and running my sewing business from home...reality check time - that is NEVER going to happen and that's OK!!)

I also thought it was a good time to add in an open conversation topic of Instagram to pick Jenny's brain about and ask any of you lovely people reading this for your pearls of wisdom!? I am about as much of an Insta-novice as you're ever going to find; I only joined 7 months ago and I will happily admit I only discovered there was a maximum of 30 hashtags a few months ago when a lovely and very helpful fellow mum on Insta told me this gem of information! So if you'd like to add your thoughts on the ever expanding and changing world of squares that is Instagram, do leave a comment either on here or on the blog post on my Insta page.

My chat with Jenny - Rhubarb Hill Crafts 

1. What do you create? I create cute gifts and décor from polymer clay.

2. Why do you do what you do? I run my business from home, so that I am able to teach part time and have a couple of days when I can pick up my son from school and because I love to craft.

3. If we asked your child what you do what would they say? My son says that I make awesome things.

4. Would you be doing what you’re doing if you hadn’t become a mother? NoI would be teaching full time.

5. How do you stay motivated after a bad day (or week…or month!)? I put the radio on, sit at my craft table and design something new or I have a chat with some other lovely creative mums.

Below:a selection of Jenny's adorable creations, her craft room & view from her craft room.

6. One piece of advice you’d give to a mum thinking of starting a creative business? Do it! You won’t regret it.

7. Best life-hack you’ve picked up? The house work can wait (I do more housework in the hour before someone arrives than the whole rest of the week!!)

8. Best activity you have for encouraging your child to be creative? Encourage your children to Read, read and read – that’s said in my best teacher voice. Also lead by example, if they see you crafting they will always want to join in.

Wild card question: Tell me something about yourself that might surprise me? I’m currently writing a children’s book. Watch this space.

Book, blog or podcast recommendations: I’m currently reading The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Pie Society. It is amazing.

Open discussion topic - please give any thoughts you have on….Instagram: I love Instagram. It is full of amazing talented mums and everybody I have met is so supportive. It’s the social media platform I could not live without.

Thank you Jenny!

Thank you so much Jenny for answering my questions and for telling us the VERY exciting piece of information that you are in the process of writing a childrens book!! Wishing you the best of luck with it and please keep us posted with any updates...if you need a panel of mums to test it out you know where to find us! 

To find out more about Jenny and her fantabulous and beautiful creations, you can check out her Etsy page. And next time you have a bad day, why not take a leaf out of Jenny's book and send a message to one of the creative mums you've met on Insta for a moan and a pep talk?! Or take a step back the next time you have a spare 10 minutes and feel compelled to pick up the hoover instead of putting that bonus time into your creative business; it can wait!! (unless maybe it's the kitchen bin that needs emptying... as I can tell you from much experience of playing Bin Jenga...that there are no winners in that game!!) My general motto is you can do some things that need to get done all of the time or all of the things done some of the time.

If you'd like to join in the conversation, do leave a comment here or on my Insta page and if you'd like to feature in my Conversations With Creative Mums blog then pop me an email,

Em x