"HOT cross buns - more like NOT cross buns" My 3 yr old's views on Easter

I don’t know about you but our Easter has not been quite how I’d pictured it; instead of frolicking through a sun filled field searching for luxury Easter eggs without so much as a care in the world it has been spent coming up with more and more outrageous tactics to cajole our 3 year old into swallowing his antibiotics for a chest infection. Rather than over eating, fun and games at family get togethers, making the most of our boys off playing with their cousins and relatives I’ve had our eldest falling asleep on me whilst muttering to himself in a feverish manner that he ISN’T poorly and DOESN’T need to go to bed.

We should be used to it by now; I can only assume that this is what happens when you have 2 very young children - basically there will never be more than 2 weeks when at least one of the family isn’t sick/teething/under the weather/out of sorts/got a cold/suffering with immunisation fever/injured while climbing or falling off furniture…whatever you want to label it as; it means that all these things you plan don’t really turn out how you’d imagined.

In the lead up to Easter we did manage some mini egg chocolate fuelled fun and abandon but I’d say overall our 3 year old is ever so slightly nonplussed about the whole thing. When he had a hot cross bun he inhaled it but then later that day said to me “Mummy that hot cross bun didn’t even have a cherry on top- it was more like a NOT cross bun” (needless to say I almost lost control of my bladder laughing at this - which he looked heavily confused by and asked me what the joke was). Turns out he thought the nursery rhyme song about current buns (big and round with a cherry on top) was referring to hot cross buns. He was so confused when I tried in vain to distinguish between the two and he screwed his face up and said “but what has the cross got to do with the Easter bunny??”. This was after 5 minutes of talking about the similarities and differences of hot cross buns, current buns and tea cakes so I’m ashamed to say I ran out of patience and said “oh I think I just saw the Easter bunny run behind that bush”.


In the 30 minutes he wasn’t fever filled (thanks Calpol) over the Easter weekend he managed to cover a lot of ground with his thoughts on Easter:

When being handed a toy phone and told ‘the Easter bunny wants to talk to you’ he scoffed and said “I don’t think so - don’t you know that phone is pretend”.

On Easter morning when Aubrey finally dragged himself out of bed about 8:30 (luckily for me as I realised at 8am I hadn’t even remembered to do my bunny duties - however we had been up with Aubrey for 3 nights already at that point, having been susceptible to the extended version of “don’t leave me on my own” croaked out in a pitiful tiny voice - makes me feel teary just thinking about his little ill voice) he mustered the energy to partake in the Easter hunt. Having miraculously found the spoils, he immediately stated “Ha! I DID get presents from the Easter bunny even though I’m not always good and sometimes I’m naughty”.   

A day into antibiotics when he was finally eating a bit of food, I offered him one of his Easter treats. He took one bite and said “I don’t like chocolate. You can have that Mummy for your one treat of the day today. I won’t be having any more”. I should probably say that he’s only had chocolate a handful of times and usually goes bonkers for it when its on offer, turns out when he’s shown a basket full of it and told he can pick what he wants, he doesn’t want any of it. The longer I’ve been a mum the more bizarre I find children to be. Perhaps this is some kind of reverse psychology I could use in other areas?!

To celebrate Aubrey finally being much better today (hallelujah he PLAYED by himself and didn’t lay prone on the sofa all day needing to have a cup and straw lifted to his mouth whilst being given gentle encouragement to drink some water while my nerves silently frayed a little bit more) it seemed very fitting that I realise it is the day of his baby brother Leo’s 1 year jabs. So the never ending relay continues as the baton is passed to Leo who was falling asleep on me by 5pm, following 3 hours of being stuck to my hip with super glue post jabs.

There are odd days when I feel like I’ve got all my ducks in a row (side note: I have never understood the origin of that saying - if anyone knows please enlighten me) but 95% of the time I feel like at least 5 of the plates I’m trying to keep spinning are shattering all over the place and there’s nothing I can do to stop them. But I do think it’s true about looking for a silver lining where you can; it was such a lovely novelty to have my 3 year old fall asleep on me; something that he hasn’t done for nearly 2 years. And seeing our 1 year old enjoy a brief cameo as the centre of attention (while his brother hibernated on the sofa under a blanket muttering the Bob the Builder theme tune to himself as some kind of feverish mantra) was an unexpected site to behold. I don’t think it will be long before Aubrey has a contender for the limelight and I’m not sure how he’s going to cope with that…but that’s a problem to worry about another day. For right now, I’m content that the boys are asleep in their own beds and the house is quiet…and I have a bottle of wine in the fridge.

Em x

Emma Cruickshank