Create Doughnut Sewing Weights From Scraps

Use your colourful fabric scraps to make these cute sewing weights

Not only is this a great way to use up small scraps of material that might otherwise end up in the bin, it is super handy to have a good amount of sewing weights to use when holding down stretchy fabric, paper sewing patterns/templates, and lightweight/shiny fabrics which might otherwise slip off the surface you’re working on.

Watch my FREE video tutorial below to find out how to make them:

You will need:

  • fabric scraps approx 12cm wide

  • iron on interfacing

  • sewing machine and/or hand sewing needle and matching thread for fabric

  • scissors

  • iron

  • dried rice/chickpeas/lentils

  • stuffing

Basic steps:

  1. Make a doughnut template approx 12cm diameter with 1.5cm diameter hole

  2. Cut 2 of the doughnut shapes from interfacing

  3. Iron interfacing onto wrong side of fabric

  4. Put the 2 doughnut shapes right sides together and sew around outer edge, leaving a 2 inch gap

  5. Turn the right way and press with iron then use embroidery foot on sewing machine or hand sew using whip stitch around central hole raw edge.

  6. Add filling.

  7. Turn seam allowance of turning gap inwards and hand sew gap using ladder stitch or whip stitch.

  8. For the wrist pin cushion, add a heavier weight fabric to one side (to stop pins going through the other side to your skin) plus elastic to fit your wrist.

Emma CruickshankComment