Make a cushion cover

Easy envelope close cushion cover

An envelope close cushion cover makes an ideal first project for beginner sewists who want to put their new found skills to the test and create something straight forward and quick.

Follow my tips and instructions below plus ideas for how to add more complexity to cushion covers once you’re comfortable with this technique.



top tips

  • Select a medium weight cotton or cotton mix for ease if you’re new to sewing

  • Wash and iron fabric before using

  • think about your fabric; if it has a pattern make sure you keep this in mind when marking and cutting out so that the pattern is the same (and correct) way up on all 3 main pieces

You can adapt these instructions for different cushion sizes & shapes:

The cushion cover front should be the same as the actual cushion size (don’t add on anything for seam allowance) and for the back you need 2 rectangles; both the same height as the front but one with just over 1/2 the width and one with just over 3/4 of the width
— Emma - Stitch Me Happy

5 easy steps

1. Once you’ve worked out the sizes needed for your 3 pieces of fabric (see above), mark out and cut out the front cushion square and two rectangles for the cushion back.

3. Add a simple hem to one of the long raw edges of each of the 2 RECTANGLES 

4. Position the fabric SQUARE on a flat surface, right side facing up and then place the smaller of the two RECTANGLES on top (with right side facing down) with raw edges lined up, then the other rectangle on top, again with raw edges lined up and right side facing down.  Pin the 3 pieces of fabric together and sew around the entire outside edge with medium length straight stitch using a 1cm seam allowance. Trim the corners off to a smooth curve, then add zigzag stitch to the entire outside edge.

5. Turn the cushion the correct way, taking care to push the corners out and press with an iron if your fabric requires it. Place the correct size cushion inner into the case, taking time to really evenly distribute the cushion and push the corners into the corners of the cover etc. Well done your cushion is complete!

Once you’re mastered this project why not:

  • add piping or decorative trim to the edges of the cushion - simply pin it in place around the edge (facing inwards) before you sew the side seams together

  • add a pocket to the front to make a ‘reading cushion’ - a favourite book can then be kept in the pocket

  • make patchwork out of scraps of leftover fabric to make the front and back of your cushion cover with - a great way to practice patch-working skills and reduce fabric waste

  • try cushions of different shapes and sizes; tiny cushions for kids to play with as dolls house and soft toys for role play can be really fun and great for using up tiny scraps that might otherwise be destined for the bin!

  • make cushions as gifts for friends and family - you could even personalise them with names!

P.S. I used a bit of an old curtain that I was given a while back to make this cushion! Don’t limit yourself to buying new fabric, have a look around for anything else you could up-cycle into lovely new cushions :-)

Em x

Stitch Me Happy

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