Personalise a mini bag kit

Personalise a mini bag kit


A fantastic creative project for little ones - and with minimal mess!

The perfect gift for stockings, as an advent present or to be included in a Christmas Eve box!

This set includes a Stitch Me Happy calico mini bag, a selection of 3 quality double ended fabric pens (so children can use the thin end for detail and the thick end for colouring large areas), 2 washable and reusable plastic stencils and instructions. Not only is this a great project in itself; when it’s been completed there will be some fantastic new equipment to add to any child’s craft stash!

This activity set is available in the following fun themes:

  • Dinosaurs - green bag handles and dinosaur stencils

  • Vehicles - pale blue bag handles and vehicle stencils

  • Fairy tale - pink bag handles and fairy tale stencils

  • Pirates - red bag handles and pirate stencils

  • Animals & Insects - yellow bag handles, 1 animal and 1 insect stencil

  • Sea Creatures - purple bag handles and sea creature stencils

This works great for a a quiet indoor project, especially in the colder months when you need fun and creative activities for bad weather days. It also works perfectly as a gift for birthdays, Christmas, Easter and as a new big sister/brother gift. After the bag has been decorated, it can be used for all kinds of role-play, as a handy bag to take out and about or to store special toys in.

This is also a brilliant activity for groups of children at parties or to use as an alternative party bag ! Contact me for more information on placing a bulk order or if there is a theme that you’re looking for that you can’t see listed here:

Key Details:

Dimensions - bag approx 20 x 20 cm. Handles approx 25 cm long

Care instructions - Not suitable for children 0-3 years. This activity pack should be used under adult supervision. Once the bag has been drawn on, allow to dry for 6 hours, to secure the design you need to turn it inside out and iron the reverse with a medium temperature iron. Wash the stocking at 40 degrees to remove the design.

Activity Pack Contents - Each pack includes 1 calico Stitch Me Happy mini bag with 2 small handles in red/yellow/green/pale blue/bright pink/purple (depending on the theme you select), 2 plastic washable stencils either pirate/fairy tale/dinosaur/animal & insect/sea creatures/vehicle (depending on the theme selected) and 3 double ended fabric pens (colours may vary) and an instruction sheet.

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