Fold-up Baby Change Mat

Fold-up Baby Change Mat


A durable and attractive, wipe clean, fold-up baby change mat - perfect for your change bag, to use when out and about, on holiday and in public toilets.

This change mat is wipe clean and weather resistant on both sides, so in the summer months you can use it directly on the grass if you're changing a nappy mid picnic, without worrying that it will leave stains or that any moisture from damp ground will leak through to your baby.

The mat contains a layer of wadding so that babies will be comfortable when being changed. It folds into thirds and a velcro strap secures it in place.

Available in 4 bright, contemporary prints that will appeal to both parents and little ones. Scroll down to see the four pattern options...

More Details:

Material: 100% cotton with PVC coating

Size when flat (unfolded): approx 38 cm X 63 cm

Size when folded up: approx 38 cm x 23 cm

Washing instructions: Do not wash or dry clean; wipe clean with a damp cloth only

Handmade in Norfolk

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You can choose from these pretty prints for your changing mat.